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Friends of the House,

Welcome to another issue of the House of Bonhoeffer newsletter! It has been a busy start to the semester for everyone at The King's College, and in the articles below you'll find out a little more about what we have been up to.

So far this semester, we have visited the Pocono mountains on Fall Retreat, competed in the House Drama Competition, welcomed our parents to NYC for Parents Weekend, and gotten our classes, clubs, and organizations off to strong starts. I appreciate you taking an interest in our House, and I encourage you to contact me if there's anything more you'd like to hear from us on in the coming months.

We welcome your comments and feedback on any of these articles. Click over to and leave us your thoughts. As always, check in on the website between newsletter editions for up-to-the-minute news. Also, don't forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates.

Thank you for all your support throughout the year. I ask for your continued prayers for our community, and your continued interest in us through our online presence.


Greg Baumann
President of Bonhoeffer

Welcome to our October Update!

This past summer, Bonhoeffer sophomore Christian Stempert interned for State Senator Tony Bucco who represents the 25th Legislative District in New Jersey. Christian managed constituent correspondance, worked on expense reports, and managed personal scheduling and appointment records. Congratulations, Christian!

This summer, Bonhoeffer senior Joshua Cunningham was an editorial intern at Image Books, which is an imprint of Random House Inc. Image Books publishes religious non-fiction books, primarily by Catholic authors such as Pope John Paul II, Scott Hahn, and George Weigel. Josh had the opportunity to review book proposals, edit manuscripts, and sit in on various editorial meetings. Congratulations on the great opportunity, Josh!

This semester, Bonhoeffer junior Alexander Nikas is interning at the United Bank of Switzerland Financial in their Wealth Management department. His duties vary from helping the financial planners contact and interact with clients to monitoring the stock market. Congratulations on your new internship, Alexander!

Greg Baumann, the president of the House of Bonhoeffer, recently accepted a position working for Brioni, a major fashion company here in New York City. Greg got connected to Brioni through Cliff Cunningham, a Bonhoeffer alumnus who is the Director of Operations at Brioni. Greg is working in the wholesale department and meeting with high-end fashion buyers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Barney's, Neiman Marcus, and others. Congratulations, Greg!

Freshmen Jordan Caruso is now the House of Bonhoeffer's City Engagement Representative. Jordan will be working with The King's College to coordinate our House's involvement in the City. Most recently, Jordan has scheduled a prayer walk where members of our community can walk the streets of New York and pray for the City.

Sophomore Greg Pittman has been named our House's Interregnum Liaison. The Interregnum Liaison works with the Interregnum Committee at TKC to help our House be successful throughout the year, especially during the major Interregnum competitions in the spring.

On September 29, House of Bonhoeffer freshman John Sailer played Dinesh D'Souza, President of The King's College, in two chess games held in the Student Lounge of our Empire State Building campus. John received this honor after winning a school-wide chess tournament yesterday as a part of Homecoming Week. John won both games against President D'Souza.

The Student Lounge was charged during the annual House Drama Competition on September 10, where an original skit written by House of Bonhoeffer freshmen Christopher Hanson and Ben Harrison was first up in this favorite and exciting school-wide event. The five minute piece, a crossover parody of cult classic movies Back to the Future and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, tied in the Interregnum theme of Innovation vs.Tradition while also providing laugh-a-minute humor. Read more about the Drama Competition and watch the video here.

For a weekend in September, the House of Bonhoeffer spent Saturday and Sunday at Streamside Camp and Conference Center in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania as a part of our Fall Retreat with the houses of Reagan, ten Boom, Elizabeth and Truth. Read more about Fall Retreat here.

Our annual initiation took place during Fall Retreat. The upperclassmen woke the freshmen up for a late-night initiation into the MoB. Our youngest members are fully informed and ready to live up to the House's high calling to Discipleship, Community, and Courage. Read more about initiation at Fall Retreat using the link above.

This weekend, the House of Bonhoeffer welcomes the parents of many of our members to New York City for Parents Weekend at The King's College. Friday night we dined together in midtown, about six blocks from our Empire State Building campus.

This Sunday during Homecoming Weekend, the House of Bonhoeffer will host a reunion for our alumni. We expect many New York City area alums to attend our first alumni event under a new effort to connect them with current students.

The King's College Courageous Longboarders club was created this semester by Bonhoeffer sophomore Joseph Gebert to connect all the students who longboard at King's looking for friends to ride with. Group rides, trick classes, and beginner's lessons are just a few of the activities The Courageous Longboarders will hold this semester.

The King's College Republicans (TKCR) had a successful first month of the semester. TKCR was started this year by an Executive Board including Bonhoeffer sophomore Christian Stempert and Bonhoeffer junior Chad Abbott. So far, they have volunteered at a New York State Assembly campaign on the Upper East Side, which included an all-night shift of poster-hanging on Lexington Avenue carried out by several men of Bonhoeffer. In the next couple of weeks, they will start volunteering for a campaign in northeastern New Jersey, as well as attending several conservative seminars and meetings in the City.

The Tent has seen new interest this year. Over 80 students attended the first gathering in September, with an average of 60 students attending every week. Joshua Encinias is the president of The Tent.

Dr. David Corbin The Mission and Vision of The King's College

Dr. David Corbin, Associate Professor of Politics and Dean of the School of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, was recently asked to share his thoughts on the vision and mission of The King's College on Below, he explains how our PPE curriculum informs the college's educational philosophy. The House of Bonhoeffer thanks Dr. Corbin for his contribution to our website.

The King's College is a unique institution in that it offers three academic programs built upon a strong theology/biblical studies and PPE-driven common core. This is a purposeful departure from the trend in higher education in which colleges diversify their academic offerings in the spirit of developing the tastiest dining hall carte du jour.

Our administration, faculty, and student body's commitment to "transform society by preparing students for careers in which they help to shape and eventually to lead strategic public and private institutions" necessitates a serious consideration of what type of education best enables a student "to shape" and eventually "to lead" strategic institutions. I would contend that the study of politics, philosophy and economics from the first principle that God designed the world for His glory is the best academic preparation for private and public leadership. Why?

Men who engage in politics believing themselves gods draft plans for societies that they soon view filled with anything but men. And men who view themselves as little more than beasts are easily persuaded to graze rather than to live.  More »

Greg Baumann An Introduction to Dan Woerner

Of all the pleasures of being the President of the House of Bonhoeffer thus far this year, one of my favorite blessings has been the opportunity to welcome Dan Woerner into the community of our House.

Hailing most recently from Idaho, Dan, along with his wife Lori, moved to New York to accept the position of Director of Student Life here at The King's College. Along with that, Dan has graciously accepted the position of Staff Advisor to the House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dan this summer, and I knew immediately that he would be a great blessing and asset to our House. I wanted to formally introduce him to the community, so we've done an interview to learn a little more about Dan.

I really hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.

Meet Dan Woerner

More »

Christopher Hanson 2011 House Drama Competition Report

The Student Lounge of the Empire State Building campus of The King's College was charged during the annual House Drama Competition last Saturday afternoon, where an original skit written by House of Bonhoeffer freshmen Christopher Hanson and Ben Harrison was first up in this favorite and exciting school-wide event. The five minute piece, a crossover parody of cult classic movies Back to the Future and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, tied in the Interregnum theme of Innovation vs.Tradition while also providing laugh-a-minute humor.

The cast, made up of first years John Sailer, Dustin Swann, Christopher Hanson, Charlie Freeman, Jeremy Hinen, and Benjamin Gotchell alongside upperclassmen Joseph Gebert and Joshua Encinias, rehearsed several times in the week preceding the event and gave it their all, coming in seventh place in the Drama Competition and currently standing at fifth place in the House Competition overall.

Assisting the cast where many behind-the-scenes crew members, including Bonhoeffer men Chad Abbott, Nate Plumb, Christopher Kendall, and Jordan Caruso. Their work included costuming, sound, lighting, and set construction.  More »

Jordan Caruso Fall Retreat 2011: This Is Not An Option

Streamside Camp and Conference Center hosted the House of Bonhoeffer, along with the Houses of Reagan, ten Boom, Truth, and Elizabeth, in the beautiful Poconos of Pennsylvania the weekend of September 16. These students of The King's College enjoyed a break from the city to rejuvenate mentally, spiritually, and socially. Surrounded by open country and luscious forests, the retreat blessed everyone involved. The men of Bonhoeffer came back to New York stronger, closer, and more ready than ever to own the city.

The spiritual focus of the weekend affected many students. Eric Bennet, the Vice President of Student Development at The King's College, gave talks focused on community that brought the houses and the school closer together. The Tent, a school organization led by Bonhoeffer senior Josh Encinias, hosted three hours of worship and prayer the last night. "We let people come and go as they please. It was an open, informal time of worship for everyone involved. It even stirred some people to join The Tent band," said Encinias.  More »

Brendan Case The Virtue of Cosmopolitanism

This article was written by Bonhoeffer alumnus Brendan Case during his time at King's. It was originally published in The Gadfly on February 4, 2009.

Cosmopolitanism (literally, "the world for one's city") is perhaps the chief virtue of the sophisticated modern. Surely there is no greater title to accord a New Yorker. To be cosmopolitan is to appreciate, even to sample, a plenitude of cultures: the sophisticate enjoys Thai food with Chilean novels, followed by French chocolates and perhaps a few hours of Brazilian samba. I must say that I have enjoyed something like this sampling (minus the dancing!) myself in the not-too-distant past.

However, I am increasingly convinced that such an appreciation for diversity, when exalted to a virtue, becomes positively destructive, both of the individual soul, and of culture in general. For there is nothing interesting about people in general; it is in particular peculiarity that the wonderfully diverse character of human culture shines through. The Hasidic Jew is an interesting, even fascinating fellow, strange and startling in his side-curls and tefillin, as is the garishly-robed and bejeweled Hindu, his dark skin achieving almost a purplish hue against his crimson robes. Now, the most immediate fact of a Hasid or a Hindu is his particularity-place the two together, and the combination is almost electric, as startling and pleasing as a blue lion rampant on a field of red. The Hasid is terrifically interesting to the outsider, because he is utterly different from the outsider, because his interests belong almost to another world.  More »

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