NEW YORK, NEW YORK — February 23, 2012

Yesterday, Bonhoeffer sophomore Samuel Tran won the election for The King’s College 2012-2013 Student Body President. The Empire State Tribune reports: “Tran secured 54 percent of the vote, with Crane and Dantzler earning 32 percent and 15 percent, respectively. Sixty-six percent of the student body (282 students of 427) voted in the election.”

Sam is congratulated by a fellow student shortly after being announced as the winner of the race.

Sam is congratulated by a fellow student shortly after being announced as the winner of the race.

Tran is the third member from the House of Bonhoeffer to serve as Student Body President. Ted Pantone served in 2006-2007 and Matt Fillingame served in 2008-2009. The House of Bonhoeffer is tied with the House of Sojourner Truth for most Student Body Presidents, each with three members serving as SBP.

When asked what Sam thinks about being the third man of Bonhoeffer to serve as SBP, he responded, “I’m honored to be serving in their footsteps. It’s an enormous task, and I’m grateful that the student body entrusted me with this role.”

Sam ran a low-key campaign. He met one-on-one with students in the college’s Café and Student Lounge. This campaign style reflects Sam’s genial personality. He is known throughout the student body as a creative intellectual who provides tutoring without compensation. Sam said he based his campaign on Proverbs 16:9, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”

Sam aligned his vision behind the campaign title “Get Out.” He wants to connect students with opportunities in New York City through a revitalized City Engagement program. Before that takes place, Sam plans to send out the snap survey that he talked about in his speech, and he will also be thinking about the next cabinet. “A few changes that are definitely coming: institutional memory and alumni contacts,” said Tran.

Sam asks that the House of Bonhoeffer support him in the next year, “by keeping me accountable to the vision and plan, to encourage me amidst the challenges that are coming next year.” You can watch the video of the election results here.

Joshua Encinias is a senior in the House of Bonhoeffer.