The House of Bonhoeffer wrapped production of its first ever short film earlier this month. The film, titled “Chris and Jeremy,” revolves around the lives of Bonhoeffer freshmen Christopher Hanson and Jeremy Hinen (me!). Shot over the course of two days and produced entirely by Bonhoeffer freshmen, the film is an allegory of “Tradition vs. Innovation” and was entered in this year’s first Interregnum Film Competition.

Ben Harrison shoots video for the House of Bonhoeffer's first short film.

Ben Harrison shoots video for the House of Bonhoeffer's first short film.

Pre-production started about a week in advance. Freshman Forest Erwin wrote the screenplay with direction from fellow freshman Ben Harrison. Forest’s inspiration came from spending time between Chris Hanson’s apartment and my apartment. He observed Chris’s more conservative wardrobe, as well as his taste for music and television from the mid 1900s. Conversely, he noted that I always carried an iPad and two smartphones everywhere I went and enjoyed more modern tastes in entertainment. The two were very easy to foil. With Ben editing and aiding in the writing process, the script was written over the course of three days.

After Thanksgiving break, the necessary cast members were recruited. This included Chris and myself, as well as Charlie Freeman and Emery Baumann. Shooting began the following Monday. With an Interregnum deadline quickly approaching, the team had to shoot everything quickly. “Getting everyone’s schedules and organizing the filming was a little frustrating,” said Harrison, who was responsible for making sure everyone was available at the required shoot locations on time. Filming began at the Ludlow Residence on the Lower East Side and continued on various subway lines all the way up to Union Square.

With the filming finished late Tuesday afternoon, I was responsible for editing together the thirty minutes of footage into a six-minute short film. Editing the clips together took well over eight hours to do. Almost none of the audio captured from the camera was usable. Cast members were brought in late at night to voice over their lines, and the camera had to be carried back to several locations to re-record background audio. At about 3:00 AM with five hours before the deadline, the film was finished.

It premiered the following weekend at the Interregnum VIII Film Festival and took 5th place in the competition. “I learned a lot about the filming process,” said Forest. “It’s sparked a lot of ideas in my head that I’d like to implement in future competitions.” The crew is eager to get to work on their next competition. “The process was amazing from start to finish,” said Ben. “It was a pleasure to work with the guys, and I’d do it again in a heart beat.” You can watch the short film below.

Jeremy Hinen is a freshman in the House of Bonhoeffer.